Developmentally Appropriate Practice


Authentic Feedback

Classroom Setup Resources

Curriculum and Instruction


Early Math Concepts

Children were given a random assortment of items to sort. As children’s understanding of graphing grew, some children began to draw their own graphs.

Paper rulers were taped to incline blocks for children to measure their feet for the class shoe store.


Intentional Teaching

Open-ended questions posted on teacher eye-level in the classroom.

Language & Literacy

One child is reading a favorite story to a friend, pretending to the be the “Teacher”.

Children used props to act out and retell the story of the 3 Little Pigs

Promoting Open-Ended Questions


Non-fiction books about caterpillars were used as reference as children sought out caterpillars on the playground; eagerly looking at the pages in the book.

Teacher-Child Interactions


The teacher taking the child’s interest in different kinds of snakes to the internet and helping him to make a book of what research he found.