21st Century Learning

Critical thinking skills

The children collaborated, communicated, used critical thinking to create this road map

Children collaborated in pairs to test items to see if they would roll and then documented their findings on paper.

Global Awareness

During a building study, the teacher brought in books showcasing buildings all around the world. After sharing and reading some of those books, the teacher chose three buildings the class had discussed and learned about. Children voted on their favorite building and worked together to make the building with the most votes.

The teacher provides a world map and pictures of various birds as children learn where birds live around the world. The materials are placed in the block center and children are encouraged to build countries ​and place the birds in their corresponding countries.

“Where can you buy shoes?” During a study of shoes, the teacher took pictures of local stores where you could buy shoes and aligned them with the map of the town.

This photo represents pictures of the children’s homes. The teacher posted it on the children’s eye level in the block center.

leadership Skills (Children)