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Who is the Early Educator Support Office at UNC Charlotte?

Welcome to the Heart of Our Identity:
The Early Educator Support Office at UNC Charlotte

The committed members of our office form a tightly-knit community, bound by a shared mission and rooted in a solid foundation cultivated through extensive knowledge, expertise, and unwavering passion. Our foundation owes its existence to visionary individuals who recognized and championed the paramount importance of nurturing the learning and development of young children. It was these pioneers of the Early Educator Support Office who laid the groundwork for our mission.

Our identity extends beyond any single concept or notion; it is a harmonious blend of strategic planning and creative ingenuity. Our vision is a guiding light that acknowledges the profound moral and ethical strength ingrained in our foundation, all while operating as a catalyst for remarkable innovation.

With a strong foundation and visionary thinking, we push the boundaries of progress. We are forward-thinkers who share a collective commitment to personal growth, professional excellence, and the advancement of early childhood programs. Our purpose and mission are to humbly serve those who shape the futures of young children and their families.

If you are interested in exploring how our foundation, vision, and sustainability efforts come together, we invite you to explore our website. Here, you can gain valuable insights into our comprehensive support services through the About Us section. Get to know our dedicated team members by visiting the Staff Contacts page. For a comprehensive understanding of our framework, we encourage you to peruse the Resource Manual and immerse yourself in the Early Educator Support Conceptual Framework.

With warmth and dedication,
The Early Educator Support Office at UNC Charlotte