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Who is the Early Educator Support Office at UNC Charlotte?

We are, first, a family. We are a family who stands tall and proud on a strong foundation, built upon unyielding roots of knowledge, expertise, and passion. Our foundation was laid by the architects who first understood and voiced the importance and value of the learning and development of young children. Our walls were erected by the architects of the field of early childhood education.  Architects who we continue to look to for their wisdom, strength, and to hold us accountable for the continuous care and support of the foundation they built. 

We are, first, a family. A family whose foundation has been strategically built upon by a blueprint designed with a clear vision of creativity. Our vision is one that never loses sight of the great moral power of our foundation, yet is a mechanism of great ingenuity.

We are, first, a family. A family who knows no boundaries to their positive influence. A family who, with a strong foundation and creative vision, are confident in thinking progressively. We are forward-thinkers who share a collective responsibility for personal, professional, and programmatic growth and for humbly serving those who influence the lives of young children and their families.

To learn more about how our foundation, vision, and efforts toward sustainability converge, we invite you to explore our webpage further. Learn more about our support services by visiting the About Us tab. Take a moment to meet each of us by visiting the Staff Contact tab. For an in-depth dive into our framework, please take the time to browse the Resource Manual and the Early Educator Support Conceptual Framework.

With our warmest regards,

The Early Educator Support Office at UNC Charlotte